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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 lives up to its name

The-Amazing-Spider-Man-2-posterSpider-Man has always been my favourite superhero. His cheeky persona, tragic backstory built with gritty realism and likeable love interests were a great formula, especially when combined with eclectic villains and some of the best superpowers out there – who doesn’t want to swing around New York City? And self-healing would be pretty handy.

So obviously The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was one of my…

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It would be so awesome to see The Fault In Our Stars in May if I got to go to an early screening!
I can’t wait to see my favourite book on the big screen… I don’t usually cry at films but I feel like I might at this one.






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i thought the second gif was frozen but then i saw the light moving in the background

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London’s first cat cafe

The joys of London’s first cat cafe

2014-04-07 15.10.00Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, located on Bethnal Green Road in East London, is the city’s first cat cafe. A sensation that first got huge in Taiwan and Japan, the idea is that diners can enjoy some food and drink with the extra joy of being surrounded by cats who are relaxed in their environment.

Sounds perfect, right? Thankfully, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium actually lives up to the hype that has…

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain-Amaerica-The-Winter-Soldier-U.K.-PosterThe second Captain America film was much anticipated. Chris Evans made an impact as Steve Rogers, the WWII super-soldier, in both his first solo film and Avengers Assemble, but many thought he did not get the screen time he deserved. In fact, many of the deleted scenes from the latter film heavily feature him.

So now we get our chance to relish Evans in the straight-laced role he was made for. We…

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                 his music needed one thing: her

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"I didn’t come here just to say goodbye to you."

frazerfoskett young Chris Pratt!

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Gogglebox: Farage and gay marriage

A reaction to Gogglebox: Farage and gay marriage

Gogglebox is always full of eclectic opinions and comments, but there were two this week that I particularly wanted to address.

Firstly, the lovely elderly couple Leon and June criticised Channel 4 for showing Nigel Farage: Who Are You?, a documentary following the man behind the reputation.


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Justin Timberlake @ The O2, 1/4/14

I have a bone to pick with Justin Timberlake’s manager.

Coming on stage five or ten minutes before 8:30pm – the advertised show time – he announced that JT had laryngitis and hadn’t been speaking for the last ten hours but, on a doctor’s advice, had decided he could not perform. Then the blow was “softened” by the news that Tom Jones had stepped in to sing instead.


Once that little…

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firsts & lasts as a couple


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How do I get through to someone whose only focus is red carpet dresses and shows about celebrity murders?

I want my boyfriend to be this kind of trainer tho

frazerfoskett can you make weights fun like this?

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Chris Evans’s (not so) tiny crush on Anna Faris’s husband, Chris Pratt (x)

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